Improved quality and animal welfare with Meyn's multistage CO2 stunning system

Improved quality and animal welfare with Meyn's multistage CO2 stunning system

Meyn’s multistage CO2 stunning system offers several important benefits. As the birds remain in the drawer or container during stunning, the handling and transport of active birds is completely eliminated. This largely reduces handling and risk on injuries to the birds. The closed cabinet construction allows for the CO2 concentration to be managed perfectly in every stage of the process. This ensures a humane stun and greatly improves product quality.

The first customer to apply the Meyn multistage CO2 stunning system in their live bird handling department is Productos Florida in Spain. After implementation of the system in October of 2012, the system fulfilled the expectations. Quality benefits became clearly visible and the controlled stunning principle required no adjustments with regards to weather conditions or bird size. Haemorrhages in fillets, wings and thighs were reduced to a minimum and even traditional birds of four kilogrammes exposed no increase in broken wings.

Using the Meyn multistage CO2 stunning system, you are assured of a higher yield through less trimming loss and less B-grade products, as a result of the improved quality of the breast fillet and wings (less blood spots). Furthermore, the system considerably enhances the working conditions of your personnel and improves animal welfare conditions, meeting the ever increasing public and customer demands.


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