Meyn chosen as preferred supplier for state-of-the-art processing plant China

Meyn chosen as preferred supplier for state-of-the-art processing plant China

In the North of China, close to the Russian border, in the town of Baoquanling, the local government, together with main poultry companies in China, decided to set-up a fully integrated poultry chain. The poultry companies and shareholders are each leaders in their respective field, Minhe (no 1 in hatching), Yisheng (no 1 in breeding) and Qingdao Continent Group.  

The fertile soil of Northern China and an attractive investment climate has attracted more investors to the region. For example in the town of Baoquanling, the largest pork producer in China runs a processing facility. The aim of the experienced shareholders is to process a premium product based on full controllability of the products quality. This is monitored by appointing the right managers in each part of the poultry chain. All of them enjoy long experience in the poultry industry in China.  

The new processing facility, which will be run by the company named Beidahuang Food Co. Ltd., is designed for 2x 13,500 bph and will be equipped with one line in the first stage. The Beidahuang team emphasized achieving of the highest yield and product quality in combination with the lowest required use of labor. The choice of design, technology and supplier is based on an intensive field research at several processing plants in China as well as overseas.  

The new state-of-the-art processing plant incorporates the first drawer arrival system in China. After automatic bird catching (also part of the contract) the birds will be transported in drawers to the processing plant. The Meyn drawer system will ensure that the birds will have a minimum of bone, wings and leg fractures which directly impacts the final product’s quality. The slaughtering line is equipped with the successful Meyn jet stream scalders and the evisceration department features the renowned Meyn Maestro evisceration concept. Unique in the project is that a full automatic giblet harvesting solution will be added to ensure a minimum labor use in combination with acceptable output yields.  

To complete the high level of automation, the Beidahuang team opted for a high speed sorting line including Meyn quality grading system and mLogic distribution manager M5.0. Products will be selected and transferred automatically to two high speed Physic HS cut up lines and to two Rapid HQ breast deboners. Also the legs, processed with the new anatomical leg processor HY, after separation in drumsticks and thighs will be processed on four D100 deboners. At the end of the line, six new Meyn flex graders will size wings and drumsticks to the right packing sizes.  

The project is unique in its scale, design and level of automation in China. Meyn is delighted to have been chosen as the main supplier for this state-of-the-art wall to wall solution in China.

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