Meyn delivers 100th jet stream scalder to Wiesenhof Holte

Meyn delivers 100th jet stream scalder to Wiesenhof Holte

Meyn is happy to announce that, since its introduction three years ago, the 100th jet stream scalder has been delivered to German poultry processor Wiesenhof Holte (part of the PHW Gruppe). Wiesenhof is one of Meyn’s long established customers in Europe with ten poultry processing facilities throughout Germany and Poland. The jet stream scalder is a huge success in the poultry processing market because it helps to deliver a perfect scalding and plucking result, combined with up to 50% energy savings.

The ongoing growth of the world population leads to a growing demand for food, water and energy, making sustainability an increasingly important issue. The Meyn jet stream scalder shows that sustainability and efficiency can go hand in hand. Mr Dr Heinrich Paul Dröge, Director from Wiesenhof: “We already ordered five jet stream scalders in the past for our other facilities and are very satisfied with the results so far. The jet stream scalders provide us with a maximum scalding and plucking result, high quality and good hygiene in combination with a great reduction of energy used compared to conventional scalding systems.”

Commissioning of this machines took place in June in Holte, Germany.

From left to right: Hennie van Uem (Meyn), Hannes Hüppe (Wiesenhof), Han Defauwes (Meyn), Gerhard Bodenburg (Wiesenhof) and Scott Russell (Meyn)


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