Meyn Do Brasil: New offices for a booming market

Meyn Do Brasil: New offices for a booming market

 By Fabiano Benvenutti:  General Manager of Meyn Do Brasil

In May 1993, Meyn BV opened their first office in the Southern Brazilian State of Rio Grade do Sul, famous for its Gaucho culture. In 1995, I joined the company and I have seen the office grow from just a few people to today’s operation of more than 25 people, and accompanied the growth and development of the Brazilian poultry market and Meyn’s contribution in it basically since the beginning. Our customers are looking for the best solutions in technology, in speed as well as in quality and Meyn has the right products to do that.

Brazil has established itself as the world‘s second largest chicken producer, raising, producing and processing chicken is subject to high concerns for quality and health of the product. Partners in the European Union, Japan and in the Middle East alike put strict demands on their food imports. In the past 20 years Brazil has developed to live up to them. Brazil ranks first in chicken meat exports, nevertheless we have one of the highest average of chicken consumption (over 43 kg per capita) and it is important to mention that we only export around 33% of our total production, this a result of the excellence of the Brazilian producers and the commitment and strictness of the Brazilian authorities.

Chicken production undergoes constant surveillance from raising and farming through to state-of-the-art slaughtering. Meyn is a reliable and responsible partner to all of them. About 10 years ago, Meyn do Brasil has moved from it first premises 1 ½ flight hours further North and settled down in Campinas, in the State of São Paulo. Campinas is known in the country and in the world for its fantastic technological pole! A land of innovation, national leader in patents, Campinas responds alone to 15% of all Brazilian scientific development.

We recognize the importance of the south region to our business (heart of the poultry business) from Campinas we could improve time of response in terms of parts delivery and area coverage, in Campinas we have the largest Cargo Airport of Brazil (Viracopos) and todays best hub for transport and flight connections for domestic flights.

Last November 17 we celebrated the opening of our new facility in Campinas (office and warehouse), we have made an important step to improve our local presence. Until now we were working out of two different offices with administration on one place and the warehouse in another part of the city. We are very happy that this time of “separation” is over and we are all together, we could move into new spacey offices providing al-most double the size of what we had before. In my opinion we now have a perfect setup for the coming years to grow and develop our market and further improve our operation and effectiveness.

In the new facility you will find our dedicated team. I would like to introduce our Area Sales Managers João Marcos and Ricardo Pivatto, they are experienced and completely dedicated to our market. Our Brazilian office is not only selling the Meyn poultry processing solutions, but we are also responsible for the support to Brazilian customers as well as to the “South Cone of Latin America”. With a strong, dedicated and experienced technical team we are able to meet our customers‘ expectations. Now with our new, larger premises we can further expand our team.

The future must be viewed with optimism and determination to remain firmly on the path of continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence and the practice of our values. We are daring, innovative, seeking excellence in what we do, valuing our people, working for the satisfaction of our customers. And as for the next challenges, we are sure that we will be bigger, but we will be the same: people of knowledge and able to make it happen.


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