Meyn Innovative Solutions at Avicola y Porcino 2018

Meyn Innovative Solutions at Avicola y Porcino 2018

Meyn will highlight a wide range of technically advanced poultry processing solutions from slaughtering to cut-up and deboning at the Avícola Porcinos 2018. One of the most important trade show of South America will take place in Centro Costa Salguero, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from May 8 to 10.

Visitors can discover how the innovative solutions from Meyn support their poultry processing needs concerning more yield, low cost of ownership, maximum food safety and the highest food quality for sustainable profits.

Meyn Jet stream scalder

Meyn provides slaughtering lines ranging from 500 to 13,500 birds per hour. With a modular design, the Meyn slaughter line solutions can be tailored to meet customer specific requirements, whether that be an upgrade to an existing or a new installation. All machines are designed to minimize energy use; in case of the Meyn Jet stream scalder, this is realized by using water streams instead of air to maintain a constant scalding temperature.

Meyn Mags automatic giblet harvesting system M4.0

The Mags M4.0 has a maximum capacity of 6,000 bph. The automatic giblet harvesting system automatically removes the intestines and gall from the liver, and all edible organs are separated. The system is modular and expandable and has a highly flexible layout. All modules are designed to comply with the highest food safety standards.

Meyn Physic line M3.0

The new Meyn Physic M3.0 line is developed to realize the highest possible yield at an unrivaled speed of 7500 birds per hour. With a new design of the modules which is practical and open, the line allows easy access for cleaning and maintenance. The expert team of Meyn will explain how modules, like the Wing cutters, Breast cap cutter, and Leg processor are upgraded to achieve the highest quality and most precise cuts.

Meyn Rapid breast deboner M4.0

The Meyn Rapid series processes up to 6000 front halves or breast caps per hour and is suitable for matured and non-matured product. The minimum installation time and optimized footprint/capacity ratio, result in a low total cost of ownership. Touch buttons allow you to adjust critical settings effortlessly and instantly when product characteristics vary.

Free, professional and profitable expertise

During the trade show, Meyn welcomes all visitors in hall N, stand 06 at the Meyn pavilion. There are plenty of opportunities for poultry processors to benefit from Meyn’s service and systems. Commercial staff and product specialists from Meyn HQ, and the Meyn agents look forward to providing information how Meyn can help to meet the local market demands.

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