Meyn’s expertise an asset for Russian and Saudi customers

Meyn’s expertise an asset for Russian and Saudi customers

TPK Baltptitseprom training at Meyn's head office in Oostzaan with Senior Project Manager, Arno Stottelaar

2017 has been exceptionally busy for Meyn Academy, with many new developments achieved by the department. From completing a record number of training sessions and product demonstrations, the team has been on-site and abroad sharing their expertise with Meyn’s customers. 

Meyn’s newly founded Meyn Academy keeps developing and growing to meet customers’ needs and requirements, and not only regarding classroom training – but also live demonstrations.

Consisting of four dedicated trainers who work closely together with Meyn’s product managers, and field support engineers, the Meyn Academy exists to capture information at its source and to make sure its transfer to customers is optimal.

“In the first quarter of 2017, we ran a record number of training programs and demonstrations to the benefit of our European and Middle-Eastern customers,” said Meyn Academy Manager, Arjan Dietz.

“Training and demonstration requests are increasing as organizations are investing more in staff training. Skilling your workforce can improve business performance, and increase profit by ensuring the most efficient operation of Meyn’s systems.

“Not only does this help your staff enhance their abilities and stay motivated, but it also improves adjustments and preventative maintenance requirements. This has a positive ‘spillover’ effect that helps poultry processors streamline and optimize their plant operations,” said Arjan.

Vadim Konkov from Meyn’s Moscow office arranged the very first visit to Meyn’s Oostzaan headquarters for a Russian based customer, TPK Baltptitseprom. The principal objective for the client, who operates from Kaliningrad, was to see the Maestro and Sematic evisceration systems in production at an existing site.

Additional demonstrations on Meyn's Thigh Deboning Solution (TDS), the Rapid Plus breast deboner and Physic HS cut up systems were held at Meyn Academy. These were followed by productive discussions with Meyn’s product experts to see what best fits TPK Baltptitseprom’s plant and expansion requirements.

“The business program was as productive and highly organized as we could only imagine. We do express our highest gratitude to our business partner Meyn, and especially the staff of Meyn Academy,” said Pavel Kiselev, Chief Engineer at TPK Baltptitseprom.

In March, three of Meyn’s trainers traveled to the headquarters of Al-Watania, in Saudi Arabia. Together they instructed 20 employees in an extensive two-week training program on Meyn’s Rapid Breast Deboner, Distribution Manager, and the camera Quality Grading System.

Al-Watania’s selected employees were trained on how to most efficiently operate the Rapid breast deboning system, and how to achieve the lowest downtime, highest yield, and product quality.

They were also given an in-depth look into machine interfaces, how to evaluate cut up line synchronization, set-up and maintain weighers, and how to best test weighing accuracy. Also shared, were instructions on quality grading best practice, and how to optimize product flow to their end destinations.

Meyn's Dennis Havik holds a classroom training session with Al-Watania employee's

“The classroom training and practical demonstrations were full of discussion and evaluation, and this understanding has allowed Al-Watania to recognize potential improvements in the slaughtering process, and how to implement them effectively,” said Training Coordinator, Dennis Havik.

The Meyn Academy has major plans for the future and stands by the belief that learning is a continuous and ongoing process that is an asset for customers looking to upskill their staff. Even though Meyn’s solutions will always require a hands-on component, new tools for learning development, such as digital support and instruction videos, online learning tools, and virtual reality opportunities – are soon to be rolled out.

If you are interested in training in general, or more specifically in the Meyn Academy's latest developments, please feel free to contact the team anytime to discuss your ideas and requirements at

*This article was originally published in Meyn WORLD Magazine, click here to read the publication online.  

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