Meyn Socials 03 mrt 2020

Meyn Socials 03 mrt 2020

"Within the Meyn family we are more than just a supplier, we are a longterm strategic business partner." - Federica Martinazzi, Operations Director Meyn Italy As poultry processing projects are becoming more and more complex, Federica and her team are bringing their great range in expertise together into one strong team. That's how we as a Meyn family can help a processor, not only to adapt to the challenges they're facing but let their plant flourish to its full capacity. Federica Martinazzi is one of the vital team members of Meyn. As a line-up for International Women's Day upcoming Sunday the 8th of March, we will highlight a few of our power women within Meyn this week. Stay tuned! #womeninbusiness #womenleaders #internationalwomen #internationalwomensday #keepitrunning
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