Meyn Socials 04 mrt 2021

Meyn Socials 04 mrt 2021

Our customer Feng Sheng Livestock Co Ltd celebrated the start of their impressive joint venture with Kingrich Foods Inc, and CPF Group Taiwan: building the most modern poultry processing plant in Taiwan. The capacity of the plant will be 10.000 BPH and will include the latest MEYN poultry processing technology such as the Maestro Plus, Rapid Plus including SAL (Semi-Automatic Loading), and Meyn Connect plant automation software. We, and the highly involved sr. sales manager Jacques Kramp are very #proud of this amazing result. We would like to thank Feng Sheng staff from both Kingrich and CP Taiwan for their trust in Meyn. Special gratitude to Joe Yang of Sung Qi our representative in Taiwan and the colleagues at Meyn for their hard work and dedication. #poultryprocessing #plant #technology #automation #software #greenfield
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