Meyn Socials 05 mei 2020

Meyn Socials 05 mei 2020

A great interview by IndiaConnected (a Dutch consultancy company helping Dutch companies to be successful in India) with our highly experienced area sales manager Karel Waal. "To be successful in the Indian market, it is very important to be more of a consultant instead of a salesman. Investing in a strong relationship with customers is vital for both to find the best way to increase efficiency and yield in one's plant or create a successful setup of a new plant that meets its current and future market potential to its fullest extent." A big shout out to Mukanjay Singh, Karel Waal de, Aasish Sharma, Alam Intekhab and last but least the root of our success in India: Alok Raj Raj, for working so extensively hard to help poultry processors in India to #keepitrunning. #indiatoday #indianmarket
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