Meyn Socials 05 mei 2023

Meyn Socials 05 mei 2023

Looking back at a successful time during the Middle East Poultry Expo in Riyad, with one company in particular making headlines. Assir Cooperative Poultry Processing Plant, a major player in the industry, closed a significant deal during the event that is set to take their processing plant to the next level. The contract involves upgrading the plant’s processing capacity from 12,000 birds per hour (BPH) to an impressive 15,000 BPH. Assir as always was the first company in Saudi Arabia to sign a deal for 15,000 BPH which was the upgrade for the air chill line, which is currently in manufacturing. And now, they have signed on to upgrade their slaughtering department as well. This is a major step forward for the company, and one that is sure to help them maintain their position as a leader in the Middle East poultry industry. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Assir, Dr.Abdullah Kedman and Mohamed ElAnany and we're excited to see what the future holds. If you're interested in learning more about Meyn poultry processing solutions, reach out to us directly via #Assir #Meyn #MEP2023 #poultry
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