Meyn Socials 05 okt 2021

Meyn Socials 05 okt 2021

PERFECT POULTRY PRODUCTS PRIV LIMITED & AOV AGRO FOODS PRIVATE LIMITED have teamed up with Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V. to supply their poultry solutions. The new processing lines will produce the highest volume of poultry in the Indian northern region to date. “To keep up with the rapidly developing global standards we had to renovate our existing facility fast. Meyn is the perfect partner for this job.” – Singh Madaan, Managing Director, Perfect Poultry products Pvt Ltd.   "We did some research to further improve our plant as per the International Standards to match our world-class infrastructure and business practices. Within this process, we are implementing a much bigger capacity line from Meyn." - Mr Abhishek Arora, Director, AOV Agro Foods Pvt Ltd #poultryprocessing #businessdevelopment #india
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