Meyn Socials 07 jul 2020

Meyn Socials 07 jul 2020

Honored to be part of the ‘Plant Meat Matters’ Consortium. A public-private partnership working on building the required scientific basis for a next-generation alternative to meat. Since 2017, Plant Meat Matters aims to help formulate the next generation of meat alternatives – using criteria such as meat like texture, affordability, sustainability, and taste. Thank you for the great collabration: HIVE Unilever Foods Innovation Centre, Nutrition & Santé, Saturn Petcare, Givaudan, Ingredion Incorporated, Avril, Wageningen University & Research, Rival Foods, The Vegetarian Butcher, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research Interested to learn more, go here: #foodtechnology #foodinnovation #foodforthoughts
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