Meyn Socials 08 sep 2022

Meyn Socials 08 sep 2022

It is the year 1959. Cees Meijn, Cor Koning and Guurtje Koning are sitting around the kitchen table. That day, September 7, they decide to acquire the village smithy. A couple of days later the paperwork is confirmed. Business is good from the start, with many farmers knocking on their door for agricultural and dairy machinery. Along the way the company specializes in poultry processing machines and changes name from “Meijn & Koning” in “Meyn Food Processing Technology”. Today, in 2022, our business environment evolves as well. Nowadays, it’s the synergy between our machines and the software that delivers the extra profit to our customers. In addition, sustainability becomes more a priority with a sharp eye on energy consumption, water use and waste. Innovation is the answer. From the first egg-breaking machine to the now famous Maestro, Physic and Rapid. Meyn thanks all colleagues and former colleagues for their great contribution from the start!
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