Meyn Socials 14 jan 2019

Meyn Socials 14 jan 2019

Last Friday, Meyn held its annual New Year's Reception. Mr. Erik Blom, Managing Director, took the stage to review the previous year and look ahead what's to come for 2019. We commemorated our deceased colleagues Nopakoon Suchai and Henk Hupkes, and we were praised for the strong finish of the 2018 financial year. Furthermore, for 2019, the market conditions in general are expected to be favorable. We have planned the release of several innovations and expect to kick-off the biggest Greenfield project in Meyn's history. Finally, a taskforce consisting of Meyn employees and experts from other disciplines was formed last year to study the poultry processing plant of the future. This has led to new ideas, inspiration, and solutions which will be explored further in the coming year. We wish you and your loved ones all the best for 2019!
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