Meyn Socials 16 mei 2023

Meyn Socials 16 mei 2023

This article sheds light on how Meyn India is revolutionizing the poultry processing industry. Meyn India is making it easier for poultry players in India to invest in processing with its Low investment Expandable Automatic Processing (LEAP) solution, ( In an interview with Asian Agribiz (, Meyn Senior Area Sales Manager, Karel de Waal, explained that the company has designed LEAP to address the biggest challenge for the market to move towards processed meats – the initial capital investment. By offering smaller players the opportunity to invest in technology like LEAP, they can cut out the middleman who profits from the live bird market. The next target for Meyn is to convince more live market players to switch to processed chicken, especially as the market is looking for better quality and hygienic meat since the COVID-19 pandemic. Meyn's flexible approach allows players to start small and expand later, making it a cost-effective strategy in the longer term compared to investing all at once on a higher speed line. #Meyn #India #LEAPsolution #Article
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