Meyn Socials 23 mei 2023

Meyn Socials 23 mei 2023

Shalimar: A Success Story in India's Poultry Industry SHALIMAR GROUP OF COMPANIES, a customer of Meyn based in Kolkata, India, is a perfect example of a company that has followed the typical growth strategy in the country. Starting with a small plant, the company expanded as per market conditions and has now become a fully integrated company that engages in various aspects of the poultry industry. From its origins as a feed manufacturing company, Shalimar has now become a leader in broiler breeding, hatching, farming, processing, and distribution. Meyn received its first order from Shalimar in 2011, and since then, the company has doubled its capacity twice, with the latest expansion in 2021, bringing it to a maximum capacity of 6,000 birds per hour. The Indian poultry market has tremendous potential, as the country is one of the largest processors of broilers globally. The market has grown approximately 10% annually for the past decade, and wet market conversion is driving the development of hygienic processing plants. Meyn India leads the market with over 50% market share. In 2022, Meyn received an order for a new plant in North India with a capacity of 3,000 birds per hour, expandable to 6,000 birds per hour, which is currently in production. The changing market conditions will allow companies like Shalimar to expand more rapidly than in the previous decade. Shalimar's success story is a testament to the potential of the Indian poultry industry and the importance of partnerships in driving growth. Meyn is proud to be a part of Shalimar's growth journey and is committed to supporting the company and the wider Indian poultry industry in the years to come. If you're interested in learning more about Meyn poultry processing solutions, reach out to us directly via #Successstories #Shalimar #Meyn #Poultry #India
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