New Meyn Wing cutter for big birds

New Meyn Wing cutter for big birds

The next generation flexible and convenient cut up solution 

Changing consumption patterns and variations in flock uniformity can create additional challenges for poultry processors around the world. The pressure on poultry processors to be flexible with both their input and output has never been so apparent. In cooperation with poultry processors Meyn has redeveloped the Physic cut-up line to cope with bigger birds more conveniently. As a result, Meyn is ready to launch the updated Wing cutter HY and start sales from early 2021. This upgraded automatic bird-size-adjusting wing cutter contributes to the need for flexibility and minimize down-time. 

The Meyn Wing cutter HY for bigger birds 

The Meyn HY wing cutter removes whole wings from the birds with a highly consistent and precise cut. When required, the cut can include a maximum amount of back meat while minimizing the amount of breast meat, but other combinations can be selected as well. 

In order to cope with bigger birds the dual circular knives and their stainless-steel motors are fitted within a spring coil suspension to adjust to each bird individually. 

Increased weight range without changing settings 

With line speeds going up to an astonishing 15,000 BPH, a smooth-running processing makes all the differenceThe Wing cutter HY for bigger birds is able to process a higher weight range from 1 to 4 kg with a minimum of settings. Aa result, flock and breed variations do not cause extra challenges at the processing line.  

With hundreds of Physic cut-up solutions sold worldwide, Meyn cut-up technology has proven to be very successful among poultry processors around the world. 

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