Optimize your scalding result and save energy with the Meyn jet stream scalder

Optimize your scalding result and save energy with the Meyn jet stream scalder

From a technological point of view, the purpose of scalding poultry is to heat up the feather follicles that are embedded in the skin, with the goal to loosen the feathers prior to their removal in the plucking lane. The most effective way to bring heat into the skin is by means of warm water that contacts the skin directly. However, during scalding, the poultry skin is difficult to reach as it is covered with feathers.

Over decades, the poultry industry has applied different methods to reach the skin with warm water, such as water cascading directly over the birds, powerful agitation with recycled air in the jacuzzi system and blowing of hot air directly on the carcass. All these methods have proven to be more or less effective, but also gave problems such as air bubbles in the water reducing the heat transfer effectiveness, blowers that require frequent maintenance, critical temperature control to spread the heat effectively over every part of the bird without local overheating and so on.

Jet stream scalder

The Meyn jet stream scalder applies powerful and controlled water jets below the surface of the scalding tank, creating a down flow of warm water directly on the skin of the bird. Excellent heat transfer over the whole bird, accurate temperature control and the absence of noisy and troublesome blowers are the key features of this successful scalder. The poultry skin is contacted with scalding water only, without any air agitation. As a result, there is hardly any exchange between scalding water and the air above it and this largely limits the loss of energy to the room in which the scalder is placed. Moreover, the typical scalder smell is close to absent. Compared to traditional scalding systems, Meyn’s jet stream scalder gives a reduction of heating as well as electrical energy of up to 30%.

Meyn currently offers a complete program, single or multiphase, in various layout configurations for any type of chicken between 0.5 and 6.0 kg live weight. Automatic daily pasteurization is just one of the many advanced features.


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