Qin always looks for the best solution

Qin always looks for the best solution

Established in 1986 and received the CAS (Certified Agricultural Standard) good food certification in 1988, Super-Mill Group is the first CAS certified poultry processing plant approved by Council of Agriculture (COA).

Qin always looks for the best solution and therefore it selected the Meyn Rapid in 2014 to be their benchmark in automated breast deboning, the performance of the Rapid was according to their expectations and as a result Meyn was selected again early 2016 to re-new the complete arrival, killing and picking line of their existing poultry processing plant.

The Quest stunner together with our jet stream scalder and JM64 and JMD2 pluckers will give them the optimum plucking results. Also the Meyn Footpad system was selected to grade the feet and help improve the quality of the farm floor conditions. The next step will be automating the existing evisceration line due end this year.

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