Quality is a choice...

Quality is a choice...

For every poultry processor quality control on the processing line is essential. Not only to guarantee that customers receive the end-products they ordered but also ensure their profitability at the end of the day. The new Meyn Quality grading system M2.0 is the latest update of a flexible and versatile solution that can be implemented at several stages in the slaughtering and evisceration process.

The new Meyn Quality grading system M2.0 has been thoroughly upgraded. It offers a more hygienic design featuring LED lighting and advanced camera technology providing the clearest possible high-resolution images of each processed bird. In combination with the most recent Meyn Connect M1.1 software the grading process can be fully automated and tuned to the customer’s product requirements.

The applications are multiple; traditional grading is done just before the cut-up line and from 2019 it can also be placed just after plucking, before chilling, before or after the veterinarian inspection or after marinating, depending on where quality is needed for grading. Images of each bird are analyzed for color, shape and texture in 7 inspection areas in the front, and 10 for the back.These results, in 15 measurement parameters, make it possible to distinguish 7 grading levels, all preloaded in the software, where pictures of each bird are compared with the grading levels. The information can then be used consecutively for sorting lines before the next process step.

Overall, the processor benefits from:

  • Maximized yield- By sorting the exact product according to the relevant parameters, each bird is processed to its full potential. Whether it’s meant to be sold as a griller, cut-up and/or deboned.
  • Maximized quality- By grading and removing birds automatically the consistency is dramatically improved so the customer can expect better overall quality.
  • Reduced number of inspectors- Automatic grading means less work for manual inspection, freeing up staff to be re-directed into other processing areas.
  • Increased food safety- By detecting and removing contaminated birds earlier and more accurately, chances for cross-contamination are heavily reduced.

Even more benefits are possible if grading data is combined with other information like flock and arrival data, all shown in easy-to-use dashboards and reports.

The Meyn Quality grading system M2.0 is a modular system that can be configured according to the needs of the processor. When more functionalities are needed later, the system can be easily extended with more modules. It also allows data to be stored for a limited period of time for later performance and flock analysis.

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