Raising profits through training

Raising profits through training

Meyn Academy, the training institute within Meyn, introduces blended learning - the newest educational technique designed to ensure that training leads to sustainable change. The result is skilled staff with higher output, and ultimately higher profits.

The poultry industry is an industry on the move - it has always been and always will be. There are changing government regulations, shifting customer preferences, and technology enhancements, all of which require a process of perpetual adjustment and improvement.

The technical lifecycle of Meyn equipment is up to 25 years, during which machines are updated and processing plant staff may change. It means there is an on-going need for training to get the best out of the poultry processing line.

Blended learning at the Meyn academy has been introduced to meet customer needs with a productive mix of online, classroom and hands-on training. Before training even starts, a pre-assessment is undertaken to define the exact training need.

Effective training starts with an e-learning module, and concludes with an assessment. After the e-learning module, classroom and hands-on training follows. At the end of the process, participants receive a valuable Meyn Academy Certificate - and experience shows that training of this kind creates more motivated staff.

Recently, Meyn Academy was involved in setting up a new project in Finland, with local staff trained before even one machine was in operation. Implementing training from the very start allowed the customer to be confident that machines were operated properly, maintenance guidance was being followed, and yield was maximized.

The Meyn Academy team is ready for the future, offering support to all customers around the world and helping them to grow their business.

For more information, we kindly ask you to contact your Meyn's spokesperson.

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