Robbert Birkhoff Export manager of the year

Robbert Birkhoff Export manager of the year

Robbert Birkhoff has been named the winner of the Export manager Award by 2015. During the final he surpassed Hermann Eastman of Resato International and Erik Kakes from Applikon Biotechnology. These three companies were nominated because they have shown a substantial export growth and they are examples of international entrepreneurship.

According to the jury: “Robbert had a great presentation where he went into depth on the developments and growth of Meyn in the last fifteen years.” The jury was also impressed by the adjustability, growth and market share of the company via new concepts as ‘wall-to-wall’ solution.

Robbert was happy to win the prize but as he himself said: “I am honored with this award, but I didn’t do that alone off course. We did it as a team.“

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