The elephant and the panther

The elephant and the panther

Have you ever watched a sprinting panther on TV? Try to focus on its paws next time you do. You will fail to keep track – the paws contact the ground so briefly, your eyes cannot follow the action. You almost feel that the panther has no connection with the ground!

Now cut to the movement of an elephant. What a contrast! Slow, suspicious and deliberate. Testing the ground before it sets its foot down and transfers its substantial weight on unknown terrain.

In my story, the elephant is India. It is not just a symbol, it is the very soul of this subcontinent. And in this way elephantine behavior is deeply embedded in its culture. Day to day activities, relationships, – virtually everything! Even the style of doing business in India follows the lead of the elephant god - Ganesha.

Should it surprise you then, if I claimed (without naming anyone) that success in India cannot be achieved by those who scoot-in-sell-and-scoot-out? Success comes to those who imitate the local favorite animal. It comes to those sellers of poultry processing machinery who are always close at hand, patient and reliable, who believe in giving free and total assistance to their customers while the industry undergoes a long drawn out structural transformation.

Meyn recognized this early on. So, in addition to its inherent strengths – making the best poultry processing machines and placing heavy emphasis on the buyer and respecting his views - it has concentrated on two things in this market. Continued local presence for over 30 years past, and hand-holding its customers through thick and thin.


Having established a decisive leadership in the poultry processing machinery industry in India, we are now gearing up for the coming rapid expansion phase. To this end we have recently acquired spacious office premises next to the iconic Formula 1 Race Tracks in Greater Noida. In times to come we can field as many as a dozen persons from this office.

It is the new workplace for Intekhab Alam, who, with 17 years of experience in maintenance and installation of poultry slaughterhouses, will head the engineering cell. Mukanjay Singh, earlier in the animal husbandry cell of the Dutch Agriculture Councilor’s office, will assist Alok in marketing and customer relations. The new office will allow us to hold stock of spare parts for sale in local currency.

Look out! The heavyweight is changing gears – after all, a panther is just a reincarnation of the original all-powerful elephant!


Meet team India:

Alok Raj

Intekhab Alam
Sr. Engineer

Mukanjay Singh
Sales Manager
Karel de Waal
Area Sales Manager


by Alok Raj.

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