The Meyn Knowledge Center: A vision for the future

The Meyn Knowledge Center: A vision for the future



Every organization – large or small – has to live in the present while preparing for the future. Meyn is no exception and we devote considerable time and resources to analyzing the future development of the industry, developing and testing new applications, and anticipating the impact of potential or actual regulations. At the same time, it is essential that we inform and involve all stakeholders of all these activities.

We recently consolidated all our expertise into our newly founded Knowledge Center, based in Oostzaan, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The result of more than 50 years of experience, the Knowledge Center will further enhance Meyn’s ability to support our customers by enabling us to keep an open mind and respond effectively to continuously changing environments, new regulations, and evolving regional and local tastes. In this way the Knowledge Center will power innovation as we optimize and adjust our processes so that they achieve the highest added value. 

The Knowledge Center is home to everything from research and development through to the final installation of the system in your plant. It will also incorporate all the trainings, seminars, workshops that we offer customers in order to help them make the most of our products and services. Our Demonstration Facilities in Amsterdam are also part of this center. 

Embedding practical, effective knowledge

The Manager of the new Knowledge Center is Arjan Dietz. He is very excited about his new role and says: “The best way to embed knowledge is to use a mix of theory and practice in our trainings, seminars and workshops. The Knowledge Center is an outstanding new resource that allows us to deliver this level of high-level instruction.”

Key to all Meyn training is interaction and hands-on activities. “I believe that learning by doing is the best way to acquire the skills necessary to optimize our lines and systems," explains Arjan. “Programs are developed and given by experienced specialist trainers. They take your specific questions and needs into account. In this way, your staff benefit from a practical application in an ideal training environment.”

Valuable trainings – on- or off-site

We truly believe that our training programs will add value to your business by helping you to achieve an effective plant operation with the lowest downtime. Training can also help you to enjoy maximum yield and product quality and, last but not least, more skilled and motivated staff. And certainly safety and safe working conditions in the processing plant are a major topic.

Training is organized out of the new Knowledge Center and can take place at the Center itself in Amsterdam, or on-site at the customer‘s facility. All training programs are based on user needs and wishes, and focused on the more complex process steps such as evisceration, cut up, de-boning, weighing and grading. Typical challenges and learning objectives can be addressed in vari-ous ways depending on your needs and situation. Our skilled consultants will help you to identify the right sort of training for a particular topic, system or department in your plant. For more information on how The Meyn Knowledge Center can help your poultry processing business get the most of training, please contact Mr. Arjan Dietz to request more information. 

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