The Meyn Rapid HQ Maximum flexibility and optimum yield

The Meyn Rapid HQ Maximum flexibility and optimum yield

The demand for deboned poultry products throughout the world has created an intensive and vast growing market. The eating habits of consumers have changed considerably over the years, and a clear shift can be seen from whole chickens towards cut up and deboned products. Deboned meat is also widely used as raw material for the increasingly popular convenience food products.


Deboned poultry meat therefore finds its way to an endless variety of end products, destined for markets all over the world. Next to this, Meyn also offers several solutions for the valorization of by-products, such as the keelbone harvesting module. This three step operation module automatically removes all meat and other membranes from the breast bone and effectively separates the white cartilage section, allowing both the cartilage and scraped meat to be harvested.

Meyn’s highly efficient Rapid HQ deboner supports the poultry processing industry in realizing the right quality product and to satisfy the growing demand for deboned poultry meat. Its unrivaled capacity of 6,000 products an hour and the low number of staff required, result in an output per man-hour which surpasses any system available.

The machine has a high flexibility concerning end products; whole fillets, half fillets with tenderloins separate or attached. The produced fillets show a very high and consistent yield and a minimum of bone content. Other aspects that favorably impact the operating costs are its small footprint and the fact that the Rapid HQ design itself is compact, straightforward and accessible. As in our other equipment, a lot of attention has been given to the Total Cost of Ownership by designing a system with a moderate number of moving parts, keeping maintenance and spare parts to a minimum.

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