The New Physic and Flex Plus cut up line M3.0

The New Physic and Flex Plus cut up line M3.0

In an ever-changing market there is need for a system that can handle the fast-changing demands in which flexibility is of importance. The need of hygienic design in line which food safety becomes even more relevant and easy adjustments are mandatory. Especially for the cut up process.

Meyn introduces the latest innovation for the Physic and Flex Plus cut up lines M3.0 that show an unchallenged performance within numerous modules that can process up to 7,500 birds per hour. The Meyn cut up solutions are the most accurate and fastest in the market and, with a weight range increased from 1.0 to 2.5 kg, to 3.2 kg for grillers, capable to serve all market and customer requirements worldwide.

The complete lines achieve the highest quality and more precise cuts. The modules are robust and can effortlessly be operated, due to limited complexity and a moderate number of moving parts. As always, a lot of attention has been given to the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) indicating that maintenance and the need for spare parts will be at a minimum.

The new introduction falls perfectly in line with other propositions of the Meyn portfolio, being able to process 15,000 birds per hour with two cut up lines.

Improved hygienic design according to the latest standard.

Cut up modules meet the latest requirements of the food safety standards and are equipped with a stainless steel motor which has a closed system and a complete smooth surface. With the introduction of the stainless steel motor, the important step has also been made to rationalize the different types of motors needed to a minimum. As a consequence required stock levels can be reduced.

The modules are redesigned for fast adjustments with a minimum need of tools. The implemented features allow an easier and safer operation by reducing the use of tools and by placing (a large number of) the settings on the outer side of the module. All possible settings of the latest modules are stainless steel and the operator can make adjustments when needed. Easy access to the module by making use of covers that can be opened by a pull leaver. Exchanging knives is made safer by keeping the hands out of range of the knife.

No more sharpening with serrated knives

With the introduction of serrated knives an accurate cut can be obtained for weeks. As there is not need for sharpening serrated knives, no adjustment of the module is needed. A module can be set and run for at least 2 months without any need of interference, increasing the output and production efficiency.

Hygienic design shackle

The shackles are hygienically redesigned which results in a minimum need of internal cleaning and reduces the number of wear and tear parts required for the internal turning mechanism. Further their weight has been reduced by 45%, which results in a reduction up to 600 kg in a production line of 500 shackles.

The flexible solution

A reduction in footprint is realized by re-engineering the turning devices, making them up to 26 procent shorter. This will enable a higher flexibility in designing your production line. To increase the range of products coming from the line, the touch free by pass system allows products of specific quality, weight and cut to run in line with the option to by pass selected modules. Offering our customers flexibility, Meyn offers three different stable and robust frames: Floor standing frame which allows the module to be placed completely out of line for easy cleaning and maintenance. The other option is a hanging frame from the steel construction, which provides a freedom of conveyor belts design. These frames can be manually adjusted or fine-tuned via the control panel.

The new Meyn Physic and Flex Plus cut up lines M3.0 are the step towards the future and the answer to all your challenges!

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