Velskaya sucessfully incorporates Physic HS and Rapid HQ in existing plant

Velskaya sucessfully incorporates Physic HS and Rapid HQ in existing plant

The first phase of the extensive refurbishment of the Velskaya Poultry Factory took place without hardly causing any production delays. Production could continue as normal even during installation, made possible due to smart planning and good cooperation between the Meyn engineers and technical staff of Velskaya.

The live bird handling department is equipped with a new weighing system for crates. The newly installed Meyn QGS (quality grading system) allows to sort the bird quality in-line and with the data obtained, improvement programs are made for the broiler farming. The Physic HS cut up system is able to handle a wider weight range of products than their formerly installed cut up system and with the highly accurate cuts much higher yields are realized.

The decision to opt for the Rapid HQ was largely based on the high yields obtained during testing performed at the Meyn Demo and training center. After several weeks of operation at Velskaya, the Rapid has certainly met the high yield expectations and has also resulted in considerable labor savings.

In the next phase, the Physic cut up line will be equipped with by-passes to further increase yield. Next to this, additional modules will be installed to extend the product range.

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