Wech Geflügel opts for Meyn multistage CO2 stunning

Wech Geflügel opts for Meyn multistage CO2 stunning

With nearly two million consumers who enjoy a Wech product at least once a week, the Wech Geflügel company from Austria fully understands that you can only claim a brand in the long term with superior quality. Especially with the number of low-cost providers from abroad that is increasing. Through continuous investments, Wech is now the most modern poultry processing plant in Austria, but the company’s philosophy has virtually remained unchanged since its foundation in 1958. Already a long time ago, Wech recognized the importance of organic poultry and is now one of the leading suppliers of Ja! Natürlich and other providers of organic food.

When looking for a CO2 stunning system for their arrival department, Wech extensively compared the different systems available on the market. What convinced them to opt for the Meyn multistage CO2 stunning system, was the fact that it is the only system on the market that completely eliminates the handling and tilting of active birds. Together with the animal welfare aspects, this system also brings considerable yield and quality benefits and enhances the working conditions of their personnel.
Wech already had positive experiences with Meyn, when a complete Meyn Rapid HQ was installed and several cut up modules were integrated in a competitor cut up line. So, after having seen the system in operation in Spain and performing several tests, it was not a difficult choice for Wech to decide for the Meyn system.
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