Wiesenhof Lohne purchases two more Rapids

Wiesenhof Lohne purchases two more Rapids

After having successfully operated with a Rapid HQ breast deboner in the Wiesenhof Lohne facility for almost three years, plans were made to increase the deboning capacity. Therefore Wiesenhof extensively compared the various options for this and weighing all different factors, the choice has been made to incorporate two more Rapid Plus breast deboners and take out the existing deboning equipment. The decision was based on the fact that the Rapid Plus deboners require a much smaller footprint than competitor systems combined with a higher capacity. This also means that no additional investments were needed in the packaging area as two Meyn systems can handle the required capacity whereas otherwise three systems would be needed. The excellent performance, higher quality wings and outstanding quality of tenders of course also weighed heavily on the decision.

Wiesenhof is the first company to be operating the new Rapid Plus breast deboner M3.0 including the newly released back meat harvesting solution and fat rim remover. Mr Karsten Turek, plant director and Mr Jörg Hempen, process optimizer: “The excellent quality back meat that is harvested with this new Rapid Plus solution, has allowed us to really increase our revenues in back meat harvesting.

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