Feather press

Feather press

The Meyn feather press is applied to reduce the water content of poultry feathers which are produced by the plucking line. As result, the feather mass is reduced in volume and weight. This process is also known as dewatering or dehydration. The feather press can be applied in combination with any feather transport system, such as conveyor belt, blow system, pump system or vacuum system.


Feathers are dewatered by reducing the physical volume of the feather mass. The Meyn feather press functions by means of a closed auger with a conical shaft. When the feather mass is transported by the auger further down the press, the shaft diameter is increased and the available space for the feather mass is consequently decreased. The outer tube of the auger is perforated, thus separating solids (feathers) from fluids (water).

Wet feathers are supplied into the infeed module of the feather press. The bottom section of this module is perforated in order to discharge excess water directly. Module size: 440 x 506 mm (L x W) height: 800 mm. Next the feathers are transported into the press section by means of the auger. On the top end of the press the dry feather mass is discharged at the bottom, while the water is collected in an integrated bin, which is fitted with an 8" discharge tube.

The infeed module of the feather press can be fitted with various types of infeed hoppers, onto which a pumping system or blow system can be connected. In case of pumping feathers to the press, no feather separator is required prior to the press.

The feather press is available in one size only, with a maximum capacity of roughly 12,000 bph. Lower capacities can be handled with the same unit as well. In case of very low capacities the dewatering results can be improved by buffering an amount of feathers prior to dewatering.

  • Frame, onto which the feather press can be mouted
  • Infeed case for pump connection
  • Infeed case for blow transport connection
  • Control panel for stand alone connection
  • Sturdy and reliable construction with very low number of moving parts
  • Proven high performance
  • Compact design, easily integrated in any situation
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