Offal separator

Offal separator

The offal separator is used to separate water from offal material, as part of an offal pumping circuit. The offal flow can contain feathers, intestines and other evisceration wastes or any combination.


The offal flow is pumped through a piping net, usually mounted to the ceiling of the processing plant. The end of the pipe is connected to the offal separator connection flange. Depending on the offal to be transported, the internal pipe diameter is 160 or 250 mm. In the separator, the offal flow is lead into a slowly rotating drum. The sides of the drum are made of wire netting or perforated sheet metal, depending on application. The water is discharged at the bottom of the separator and can be recirculated. The offal are discharged on the far end of the drum, and can be collected in a container or transported using belt conveyors. The separator is provided with a water spray tube on top of the drum, this is used to spray additional water on the outside of the drum in order to keep the wire netting clean.

  • Effective working principle
  • Drum design dedicated to application
  • Simple and reliable construction
  • Easy to maintain
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