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There are two stages in the chilling of eviscerated poultry, prechilling prior to cutting, weighing, deboning or packing and final chilling or freezing. Prechilling not only stabilises the product microbiologically, but also assists the processing by presenting the product at the optimal temperature for cutting.

There are different ways of prechilling poultry and Meyn offers a wide choice and variety of efficient and reliable methods. Any prechilling system only provides optimum performance in combination with a well-engineered industrial refrigeration installation. With its strategic partners, Meyn can offer an integrated solution for any prechilling and refrigeration requirement.

To assure the highest plant efficiency, Meyn combines expertise in designing and manufacturing prechilling systems with the application of first class industrial refrigeration components. Meyn can offer a wide selection of air coolers, piston or screw compressors and air cooled or evaporative condensors. This results in a state of the art product providing optimum product handling, air circulation, energy consumption and the flexibility to use variable dwell times and environmentally friendly refrigerants. Any specific requirement can be met through individually tailored installations.

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