Moistening system

Moistening system

The moistening system is typically applied in air chill tunnels for product with epidermis. The purpose of the system is to prevent dehydration of the carcasses during chilling, while obtaining a dry the product skin on leaving the air chill tunnel.


The moistening system comprises spraying modules that are mounted in the air chill line, a pump skid and connecting pipe work. Per air chill line, two spraying modules are placed on predefined positions. Each time a carcass passes one of the spraying modules a little water is applied in a very fine mist. The spraying modules are fitted with nozzles for both the inside and the outside of the carcass. The spraying locations are chosen in area's where an upward air flow is expected, in order to minimise the spread of water through the tunnel. Roughly spoken, the first unit is placed at 10 minutes and the second unit is placed at 20 minutes (residence time in the air chill tunnel).

The nozzle type and water pressure are chosen in such a way that a very fine mist is created with a minimum of water consumption. The water consumption is limited to less than 0.1 liter per carcass.

  • Discharge trough
  • Optimises air chill tunnel yield by preventing dehydration of product
  • Very low water consumption
  • Easily integrated in new and existing air chill tunnels

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