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In today’s market flexibility and product quality are key issues. Poultry processing plants require systems that are efficient, flexible and that will cut to specification. The Meyn cut up lines are available in three field-proven standard configurations that can be combined with a large selection of additional cutting modules:

  • The Meyn Compact cut up line
  • The Meyn Physic cut up line M3.0
  • The Meyn Flex Plus cut up line M3.0

Meyn can provide systems for the widest conceivable range of product specifications, including those required by retailers, food service companies, the leading fast food chains and governmental bodies. Issues such as product specifications, plant lay-out and product flow will determine which solution is most suitable for each specific situation.

The systems range from very compact, supporting a limited product variety and not requiring the support of a PLC or process management computer, to systems that will generate a large spread of products simultaneously at high operating speeds. All systems are easy to install and maintain and are built from stainless steel and food grade materials.

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