Physic cut up line M3.0

Physic cut up line M3.0

The Meyn Physic cut up line M3.0 is developed to support the poultry processor in realizing the highest possible revenues, and with an unrivalled speed of 7,500 birds per hour, the Physic shows an unchallenged performance. This makes the Physic cut up line the perfect solution for any 15,000 BPH set-up.

The Physic cut up line M3.0 can be configured to match a large number of situation specific requirements regarding product type, quantity, quality and flexibility. The Physic line is designed for line speeds ranging from approximately 3,000 to 7,500 birds per hour. Lower product speeds are possible by adapting the shackle pitch.

The Physic's design is practical, simple and open. This allows for easy access during cleaning and maintenance. The system is robust and can effortlessly be operated, due to its limited complexity and the moderate number of moving parts. As in our other equipment, a lot of attention has been given to the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) indicating that maintenance and spare parts consumption will be at a minimum.

Coming (very) soon is the option for in-line dark meat deboning. Ask your Meyn representative for a sneak preview.

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