BC40 breast cap filleting machine

BC40 breast cap filleting machine

Meyn’s BC40 breast cap filleting machine produces high quality breast fillets with excellent yield. Whole fillets or half fillets with or without skin, both with tenderloins attached, can be produced at a maximum capacity of 2,400 products per hour. The produced fillets require a minimum of trim work, have a perfect presentation and are very well suited for tray-packing.

All moving parts are driven by chain guards that are centrally powered by one motor. This results in a highly consistent performance as well as a durable and reliable operation. Downtime and maintenance are reduced to a minimum. 

For the fully automatic supply and discharge of the products, Meyn can provide completely integrated crate handling systems, operator stands, discharge conveyors and trimming tables. Thus allowing a compact layout to be combined with minimum of handling and optimal ergonomics.


An operator manually loads the breast caps onto the product carriers – or mandrels as they are called. This carrier is shaped in such a way that the breast cap will fit exactly to it. It is held firmly into position.

The machine cuts, scrapes and removes bones without any human intervention.

The machine is equipped with an exchangeable stamp mechanism to remove the wish bone, offering the customer the possibility to minimise bone content and maximise meat yield.


Frequency converter
Set of safety covers
Machine and operator stand
Crate supply system
Trimming table


Products show a very high yield
Can easily be integrated in existing process
Compact design with quick installation

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