Cropping machine

Cropping machine

Unique feature in Meyn’s cropping machine is the patented neck support block. This neck support block assures that the neck is kept in a uniform position as the cropper drill removes crop rests, the oesophagus and trachea. The extended stroke and the increased number of revolutions allow for a thorough cleaning of the neck skin. Highly important factor is to keep the neck skin intact as damages to the neck skin can cause weight loss or the downgrading of the griller.

Furthermore, the drill drive mechanism reduces mechanical wear and assures an extended spindle life cycle allowing for decreased maintenance intervals and costs.


The cropping machine is placed in a 180 degrees curve in the overhead conveyor, as one of the final machines in the evisceration department. Birds are processed with the breast of the bird towards the machine centre. Sets of static and spring-loaded guides position the birds into the processing units. The birds are positioned by a centering bracket placed between the legs of the bird. The rotating drill driven by the curve goes into the body cavity and removes the remaining parts of the crop and oesophagus. The drill is cleaned with a rotating brush before it goes backwards through the body cavity.

  • Excellent performance, using the patented neck support blocks
  • Oesophagus and trachea are removed in a proper way
  • Neck skin damage is minimal
  • A large weight range can be processed, as a result of the long stroke
  • Low maintenance costs

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