Final inspection machine M3.0

Final inspection machine M3.0

Final inspection gets your product ready for total cleaning by removing lung parts and other small debris from the cavity after evisceration. Precise placement of birds on the line is key for optimal vacuuming.


The model M2.0 is positioned on a 180-degree curve for line speeds up to 12,000 bph; even faster is the M3.0, placed on a 240-degree curve for speeds of 12,000 to 15,000 bph. Both versions create more time for high speed processing in one of the final machines in the evisceration line. Birds are fed into the machine with their backs toward the unit. Sets of static and spring-loaded guides deliver them into the processing line where they’re positioned by a centering bracket placed between their legs. When birds are correctly in place the suction head moves into the body cavity with the vacuum unit, removing all the small loose pieces. In case of an empty shackle the vacuum unit is not activated.

  • Exact positioning of the bird in machine, results in an efficiency rate of 95+%
  • Automatic vacuum shut-off for empty shackles delivers huge energy savings
  • Carefree processing, thanks to the high weight range of up to 25% under and 25% above average set weight
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