Inside/outside bird washer

Inside/outside bird washer

Meyn can supply a range of inside/outside bird washers suitable for different applications and every market requirement. The models feature unique technologies for cleaning such as medium pressure loosening of dirt followed by low pressure rinsing, leave fat lifting cams and spinning nozzles. This results in thoroughly cleaned birds and an extremely low water consumption due to the efficient use of water. All washers have a double stroke action for improved washing results. Furthermore, some models are prepared for the use of decontamination agents.


The bird washer is placed in a 180° curve of the overhead conveyor, as the final machine in the evisceration department. The carcasses are fed into the machine with the backs towards the centre of the machine. Sets of static and spring-loaded guides push the carcasses into the processing units. The carcasses are positioned by a centring bracket placed between the legs. The centre of the machine is conical shaped in order to improve proper positioning.

Inside washing is performed by a spinning nozzle or a rotating brush which is mounted on the processing unit that enters the abdominal cavity. Double stroke action is applied to the processing units once they have entered the carcasses, further increasing the washing effect.

Outside washing is performed by dedicated nozzles on the breast and back sides. Both the spinning nozzles that clean the carcass on the inside as well as the fixed mounted nozzles that clean the outside are fed by a mid pressure water supply within the range of 500-1200 kPa. The advised water pressure is 900 kPa (9 bar), which can be supplied by the processing plant network or by a locally placed pump.

On leaving the machine the carcasses pass through a final rinsing unit, which washes the carcasses top-down. This unit is fed by standard water pressure. The total water consumption amounts no more than 7 m³ per hour at 10,000 carcasses per hour.

  • A thorough washing strategy with mid pressure main wash and low pressure final rinse
  • A suitable washing proposition for all circumstances
  • Excellent washing performance at a modest water consumption rate
  • Strong and reliable constructions with no water or pressure loss due to leakage
  • Ready for use with chlorinated water and other decontaminating agents


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