Neck breaker M3.0

Neck breaker M3.0

Flexible, efficient and fast. Choose neck cuts based on what you’re selling. Longer necks for extra weight? Necks for sale? Set the cuts precisely where you want them and the M3.0 will do the rest. At high speeds, up to 15,000 bph. The Neck breaker 3.0 is innovatively designed as a carousel, driven by an overhead conveyor. A vertical main shaft with curved drum controls the movement of the processing units. The machine is constructed according to the new Meyn® ECP 1.1 concept. This guarantees a hygienic design for the entire machine with the highest safety standards and longest maintenance intervals.


The model M2.0 is positioned on a 180-degree curve for line speeds up to 12,000 bph; even faster is the M3.0, placed on a 240-degree curve for speeds of 12,000 to 15,000 bph. Both versions create more time for high speed processing in one of the final machines in the evisceration line.
Birds are fed into the machine with breasts toward the unit. Sets of static and spring loaded guides position the birds with a centering bracket placed between the legs. An under unit deploys two shoulder supports which lift each bird and eliminates differences in bird size. At the same time wings, broken or not, are lifted up and cannot be damaged or removed with the breaking unit. When the birds are positioned correctly, the curve controlled breaking unit breaks the necks. The length of the neck can be controlled by adjusting inserts in the cam.

After breaking the neck the Meyn® Neck breaker M3.0 offers three possible outcomes:

  1. The neck is removed from the bird by pulling it out of the skin (standard)
  2. The neck is left hanging in the neck skin (change position of standard cam insert)
  3. The neck is cut off with the skin with the integrated neck skin trimmer (optional)

Finally the neck, when removed from the carcass, is dropped onto the receiving bin. A rotating wiper removes the necks from the bin to be collected.


Customers have two options for processing necks:

  1. For sales of necks with skin, a circular knife can be installed that protects against cuts and allows harvesting necks with skin attached
  2. A stand-alone de-skinner is also available to remove skin for sales of necks without skin
  • Professional processing techniques keeping both neck and neck skin fully intact when breaking and removing the neck
  • Flexibility to adjust the harvested neck length with a 5 mm precision. Necks for sale? Break the neck between the shoulder. For whole or half birds, leave partially on carcass for extra price margin
  • Exact positioning of the bird in the machine, resulting in the highest yield of neck breaking on the market
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Meyn® Neck breaker M3.0
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