Live bird handling solutions

Live bird handling

Poultry processors worldwide face increasing challenges with respect to labor management, flexibility, quality, and animal welfare. Choosing a high-quality Live bird handling system is an absolute must for every poultry processing plant aiming to be ahead of the current and future developments of the industry. Where in the past costs were the driving factor, nowadays animal welfare plays a role of growing importance. Consumers have become more demanding with respect to animal welfare.

Handling birds at the farm, transport, handling of modules, etc. all have an impact on the stress level of the animals. Investing in an animal-friendly Live Bird Handling system, including CAS stunning, minimizes stress which results in an increase of the overall yield.

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Meyn offers a variety of solutions tailored to the specific needs of any poultry processor while complying with the local legislation.

We can combine crate-, drawer- and container- based systems with batch- and continuous-flow gas stunning from basic to sophisticated and cutting-edge setups.

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