Live bird handling solutions

Live bird handling

As soon as broilers are ready to be slaughtered, they will be gathered, put in crates or containers and transported from the broiler houses to the processing plant.

Live birds are generally transported by truck and carried in either crates or stainless steel containers. The transport of live birds in both crates as well as containers, is subject to strict governmental regulations. The number of birds transported varies according to these regulations, but also depends on climate and size of crate or container. Meyn offers efficient systems for both crate and container transportation.

With traditional crate transportation, the crates with the birds are simply stacked on trucks for transportation. With the more modern stainless steel containers, the birds are separated by horizontal divisions only, allowing more air to circulate and reducing stress related damage to the birds.

The demands of production facilities and circumstances vary from plant to plant. That is why every Meyn supply system is developed and produced customer-specific. Meyn supply systems offer complete handling solutions designed for efficiency, economy and productivity.

Whatever the plant or process demands, Meyn can deliver the best solution.

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