Maxiload with Continuous flow stunning

Maxiload with Continuous flow stunning

The Meyn Maxiload Live bird handling system is the perfect combination of high capacity drawers with our continuous flow stunning concept.

Thanks to the new drawer and module design; the footprint of the Twin bird handling system is the most compact when compared with what the market is able to offer today. 

Meyn Maxiload Twin allows different ways of arranging the line. In case you want to reach very high speeds, two parallel killing lines may be installed and they will be fed from the same module. In this case, drawers are extracted from opposite sides, in order to feed the two parallel lines. Modules can be handled as superposed, again in order to reach higher speeds.

Meyn Continuous CO2 stunning system uses a mixture of atmospheric air and CO2, a gas that is commonly present in the atmosphere. While the birds are lowered into the tunnel, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere gradually increases from 5 to 70%, ensuring a very progressive induction time. From that moment the birds remain fully unconscious until when they have passed the killing machine.

Birds are placed in the drawers at the farm and they will not suffer any further handling, while being conscious. At the plant, the drawers are handled automatically, without touching or disturbing the birds. All dumping from modules is totally avoided.

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