Trussing machine

Trussing machine

Trussing, also known as dressing or grill dress of broilers, is done in order to prepare the product for cooking in a rotisserie style grill. The Meyn trussing machine automatically trusses the birds in pocketing style. This means that two small incisions are made in the skin along the keel bone. The legs are folded back and put through the openings.


Grillers are manually loaded into the machine. The bird is to be positioned into dedicated bird holders, that are mounted onto a step-by-step conveyor. Legs are put in special brackets and wings are hooked behind a set of guides. When the bird has been loaded correctly, the step-by-step conveyor will move one position further and another bird can be loaded.

The loaded birds are transported into the folding position. Here, the tail and breast of the bird are clamped down to hold it firmly in position and the leg folding units will take the knuckles from the brackets, fold them back, make an incision in the skin and finally position the legs through the skin openings.

Finally the trussed bird is released, the step-by-step conveyor will move one position further. On the discharge position a simple gripper will take the bird from the bird holder and drop it aside (into a bin or onto a slide or conveyor belt).

Using the double version of the machine, the manual loader will load two birds at a time and these two birds are folded simultaniously by double folding units placed side by side on the machine.

  • Converting an ergonomically hard job into a light one
  • Converting a skilled job into an unskilled one
  • Saves labour
  • Unique machine, no other automatic trussing machine available

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