Report manager

Report manager

The Meyn report manager gathers information from the line control systems, stores the information into a database and publishes the information in a convenient report. It is a powerful and flexible reporting tool, providing a wide variety of standardised reports as well as the option to modify or build customised reports.


In the Report Manager, a number of services work together:

  • In the Distribution Manager M5 system, a dedicated data export service is activated. This service transmist a comprehensive message for each classified product
  • On a separate server system, the messages from connected Distribution Manager M5 systems are collected by a data acquisition service. It filters, summarizes and structrures the information and stores it into an MS SQL database. The database is especially structured for optimal query performance. The MS SQL database is typically installed on the same server
  • The Cristal Reports server application is connected to the database. The well structured data can by querried at high performance, resulting in instant comprehensive reports. Also this application can run on the same server
  • The reports can be published over the customer network and viewed using a standard web browser from any connected computer
  • While EasyTrack maintains a database by itself, the Report Manager is only used to query and report the registered data. An additional data acquisition service is not required

The Report Manager is delivered with a number of standardized report templates, covering the most popular and effective reports that provide a clear analysis of the production process. However, any trained end user can easily copy and modify the standardised report templates to produce powerful customer specific tools.

  • Comprehensive, ready-to-run reports allow the customer to optimise production
  • Very high performance, instant response
  • Open SQL database, easily integrated in any high level system
  • Powerful and flexible reporting tool allowing custormers to modify reports as required
  • Access to reports throughout customers office network

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