Monitor and analyse your key processes: RPM

Modern electronic control systems have proved many times to perform their jobs efficiently and reliably. But apart from their basic functions they can also be used to collect process information. One of Meyn's practical tools based on this technology is RPM.


RPM stands for Real-time Process Monitoring. It comprises a network connecting all line control panels to a single desktop PC. Here an advanced software application keeps track of all vital equipment in a plant. By means of an attractive graphical application the RPM user has a clear view on all key processes in the production facility.

All line disturbing events can be traced and logged, vital temperature levels are logged and displayed, running hours counters are kept for each drive connected, stunner and scalder settings are displayed and even the use of utilities such as water or steam can be logged.

On the PC, a database is kept for all registered data. This makes it possible to analyse a wide variety of mechanical aspects afterwards. The RPM system uses SCADA technology to transfer production data from line equipment to a the central server PC. This is done real-time, a line failure will generate an alarm immediately, with a trace code to quickly backtrack the problem.

RPM can be connected to any PLC controlled equipment, from Meyn or a third party. When your line control panel is equipped with a PLC, the connected equipment can easily be integrated in the RPM system. Examples are the control systems of the refrigeration plant, the waste water treatement system and the vacuum powered offal transport system.


Events logging module:

This module registeres all disturbing events, such as line stops and machine failures, into the RPM database. It allows plant management to analyse downtime causes and adjust production schedules or maintenance schemes accordingly.

Utility registration module:

Uploading, displaying and logging of utilities such as room temperatures, stunner voltages, motor amperages, water flows, etc. All analogue signals of 4 - 20 mA can be connected and processed.

  • Real time graphic overview of production process on your desktop
  • Immediate identificationi of line failures
  • Downtime analysis of operation based on failures log
  • Supports both Meyn and third party equipment


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