Electrical stimulator

Electrical stimulator

Ideally, a processor wants to harvest breast fillets directly after cut up. This is not so easy because after slaughter, it takes about 6 hours of maturation time before a breast cap or front halve can be deboned. If deboning is done too early, the breast fillet will become tough during cooking. 
So, to get a tender fillet, deboning has to wait until about 6 hours after death. However, cut up takes place about 2.5 hours after kill, so the breast caps or front halves would have to wait for 3.5 hours until they can be deboned. This means that the breast caps or front halves have to be stored in a chill room for 3.5 hours, which means extra storage, extra handling and extra delay (at the expense of remaining shelf life). 

The Meyn Electro Stimulator reduces maturation time, making it possible to debone matured products without out-of-line storage.


The Meyn ES system is located above the bleeding trough, at least 90 s after kill, and just before scalding. 
The bled birds are lead through the ES with their breasts touching an electrode plate at a voltage of 80 to 90 Volt. The current through the carcasses leads to simultaneous wing flapping, thereby consuming muscle energy and thereby accelerating the maturation process. The optimal contact time is 40 seconds.

Both single lane modules (3 meters) and double lane modules (2 x 3 meters) are available to fit in any layout. ES systems can be delivered with safety panels or without panels (customer needs to provide security). Height adjustment is manual or electrical (optional).

Benefits of the Meyn ES system in general

When applying air chill, the carcasses reach the cut up line after 2h 45min. so the breast caps or front halves can be deboned:

  • without delay, saving processing time and improving the remaining shelf life
  • without extra handling, saving labour
  • without extra chilled storage, saving chilled space and foot print, and reducing weight loss and deformations
  • The maturation is accelerated in a natural way, by triggering natural wing flapping, exhausting the muscles
  • The ES is located above the bleeding trough, so it does not require additional space (footprint)
  • The ES is using a relatively low voltage, just triggering movement but not disrupting muscle structures
  • The electrical setting can be adjusted by the voltage, the frequency and the duty cycle (% off per cycle)
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