Feet cutter

Feet cutter

The Meyn feet cutter separates the feet from the hocks. With the hocks hanging in the slaughtering shackle they are separated by a rotating knife that cuts the hock into a shank and a foot. When the hocks are cut off from the whole bird with the hock cutter, the shank and feet can be separated with the stand alone feet cutter which is placed after the hock cutter.


The feet cutter is placed in a 180 degrees curve of the overhead conveyor of the slaughter line. The hocks are positioned with a separate hock positioner or with a positioning unit integrated in the feet cutter. The rotating knife cuts through the heel to separate the feet from the shank. The feet remain in the shackle and can be removed with the feet unloader, the shanks are dropped.

  • Very reliable performance
  • Very wide weight range can be processed within one setting
  • Easy to adjust


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