Head pullers

Head pullers

The Meyn head puller uses individual processing units for each bird, ensuring and effective operation. Head, trachea and oesophagus are removed together and the offal is discharged into a receiving bin by a rotating scraper. Any loss of neck skin is kept to a minimum, thus maximizing yield.


The head and trachea puller is placed in a 180 degrees curve in the overhead conveyor. The bird is fed into the machine with its breast towards the unit. Sets of static and spring loaded guides position the birds into the processing units. The birds are positioned by a centering bracket placed between the legs of the bird. The springloaded under unit consisting of two hinging plates. The first step is positioning the neck starting at the shoulder, to eliminate difference in bird size, while the unit is open. While the unit moves downward it clamps the head and at the same time the unit closes. The head will be removed with a piece of the trachea and oesophagus if the bird is cut properly. When wings are grabbed in the unit, they will not be removed from the bird but slip out of the unit, due to the shape of the wings and fact that the unit is springloaded. The heads are collected onto the receiving bin and a rotating wiper removes the heads from the bin to be collected.

  • Wide weight range can be processed within one machine setting
  • Head removed inclusive trachea and oesophagus
  • Exact positioning of the bird in machine, results in a high performance
  • Springloaded units, results in a reliable operation despite leeway
  • Wings will not be removed
  • Sturdy construction, low maintenance cost

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