Waterbath stunner

Waterbath stunner

A Meyn water bath stunner uses electricity to stun poultry, which is essential for the effectiveness of the future kill and bleed out processes, and of course for animal welfare. Meyn can provide a conventional water bath stunner or a High Frequency Quest stunner, for all customer and geographical requests.


The most conventional way of stunning is by means of a water bath. The birds, that hang in the shackles of the overhead conveyor by their feet, are lead through the bath, in which only their heads are immersed. In the water bath an electrode is placed which is connected to the control unit. The other electrode is formed by a stainless steel shackle guide, that touches the shackles which are placed above the bath. In that way an electric current is lead from the electrode in the water bath to the water, through the head and body of the bird to the feet, from the feet to the shackle and shackle guide.

The water bath can also be used for high frequency stunning. The advantage of high frequency stunning over 50 or 60 Hz is, that the electric current at high frequency tends to run along the surface of the birds. This decreases the number of haemorrhages, which benefits to meat quality. Frequencies used are 400 Hz, 1000 Hz and 2000 Hz. To obtain a sufficient stun, a period of 8 seconds is required.

  • Three different types of signal selectable
  • Very high percentage a quality filet
  • Adjustable water level
  • Hygienic design
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