Turkey processing

Turkey processing

Meyn can also supply complete solutions for turkey processing. Turkey and broiler processing are in many ways similar, but the larger size and weight of the turkeys places much greater demands upon the system, requiring overall heavier duty engineering and build quality. Meyn turkey processing systems have been especially designed and engineered for this task.

The large difference in weight and dimensions between turkey toms and hens requires a special approach when it comes to automatic processing. Quick and exact adjustment between the two ranges is necessary in order to support the many flock changes that are common in most processing facilities. All Meyn turkey evisceration equipment is fitted with hydraulic height adjustment with scales that are easy to set and monitor.

Meyn supports both 12" and 15" shackle pitches for all equipment involved. In case live weights over 15 kg are to be processed, Meyn strongly recommends to apply a 15" shackle pitch. The additional space benefits the infeed of carcasses into the units of the evisceration machines. The improvement in performance more than compensates for the reduction in capacity.

The Meyn turkey processing scope of delivery includes:

Live bird handling:

  • Transport containers and handling equipment
  • Drawer system

Slaughtering lines up to 3,600 bph:

  • Electrical stunning
    • Conventional water bath stunner (1)
    • Quest stunner (2)
  • Killing and bleeding (3)
  • Tail feather pulling (4)
  • Wing feather pulling (5)
  • Scalding
    • Scalder 2 lane (6)
    • Scalder 3 lane (7)
  • Plucking
    • Counter rotating plucker (8)
    • TST plucker (9)
  • Hock removal
    • Hock cutter (10)
    • Tendon puller
  • Automatic rehanging to evisceration line (11)
  • Feet processing
    • Tendon trimmer/feet unloader (12)
    • Feet unloader (13)

Evisceration lines up to 3,600 bph:

  • Carousel type vent cutter
  • Carousel type opener
  • Head conveyor for horizontal processing (14)
  • Automatic eviscerator (15)
  • Semi automatic heart and liver harvester
  • Neck processing
    • Neck slitter (16)
    • Carousel type neck breaker (17)
    • Neck deskinner
  • Automatic cropper (18)
  • Automatic wing segment removal
    • Wing tip cutter (19)
    • Middle wing cutter (20)
  • Tail cutter (21)
  • Final inspection machine (22)
  • Inside/outside washer (23)
  • Gizzard processing
    • Gizzard/intestine separator (24)
    • Gizzard defatter/washer (25)
    • Gizzard peeler (26)


  • Air chilling
  • Immersion chilling of carcasses and giblets

Cut up and deboning:

  • Semi automatic cut up and deboning
  • Automatic drum, thigh and wing segment deboning

Automatic by-product handling for blood, feathers, evisceration and deboning secondary products.

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